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South Jersey Caching & Safety: Cacher Responsibilities

Cacher Responsibilities
Author: GuentherGal
Published: Fri, 24-Jun-2005
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We believe that along with the fun (and frustrations!) of geocaching come with responsibilities. For example, we would encourage cachers to become stashers (placing, or hiding, a cache and properly maintaining it).

Everyone should feel free and comfortable to report damaged, wet, or trashed caches to the owners. Occasionally, cachers may be willing to help out a cache owner by replacing a zip baggie or a logbook or adding a pencil to a cache. While this is not required, lending a helping hand shows good sportsmanship.

Furthermore, we believe cachers should be civic-minded. One way we do this is by picking up litter when we are out caching. This not only keeps our playground safe, but helps preserve the natural beauty of our outdoor resources.

In addition to individuals helping out, often a group will organize an event where cachers can work together for an afternoon or a day. Besides picking up trash, these groups may work with local rangers and assist in the maintenance of parks and trail systems. These events are a positive way to increase public awareness of geocaching and to create good relationships with park managers. In fact, there is an organized program sponsored by Groundspeak called Cache In Trash Out or CITO.

Another way cachers may choose to become involved in the geocaching community and in South Jersey is through activism. This may include writing articles, circulating petitions, or taking part in the voicing of possible legislative policies. If we don't speak up on public policies that affect our sport, no one will!

Another outreach could be holding a seminar at a local park, or with a Boy Scout troop, etc. to share our love of this sport with others and teach them about geocaching. The possibilities are endless!

We feel that all cachers have a duty/responsibility to promote this sport and make a positive impact on it for other cachers as well as the community. Whether it's reporting a trashed out cache, picking up an empty soda can or organizing a CITO event, each is important and further enhances our sport. The woods, parks, and sometimes even city streets are our playground - let's all pitch it to keep them clean and safe!

We realize that no one person can do it all. Work schedules, physical impairments, life, etc. all have a way of intruding on the best-laid plans. However, we would encourage each of you to consider what you can do to positively promote this sport in these important areas.

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