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Published: Sat, 02-Jul-2005
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Welcome to the
South Jersey Geocaching Group
The South Jersey Geocaching Organization exists to promote the sport of geocaching within Southern New Jersey. We are a group of active geocachers who use the resources of the South Jersey Geocaching Organization to socialize with other members, work cooperatively with land managers on our members' behalf and to promote responsible geocaching within our membership in our area. We invite all interested geocachers living or actively caching or interested in caching in Southern New Jersey to join us (Membership is free!)
SJG is comprised of a group of geocaching enthusiasts, mainly from the Southern New Jersey area, that have formed an organization to encourage, promote and support geocaching. This club is known as South Jersey Geocaching or "SJG"
Frequently Asked Questions:
Who is eligible to become a member of SJG?
What is the difference between a Registered User, a Full Member and a Friend of SJG?
What do I have to do to become a full member?

Why do you require personal information in your membership application?
What responsibilities do SJG cachers have?

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