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Membership & Information: Site Information

Site Information
Author: admin
Published: Fri, 24-Jun-2005
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This site serves as a meeting ground for geocachers who have a genuine interest in this sport, who live, actively cache or are interested in caching in southern NJ counties, and want to connect with other likeminded cachers.

South Jersey Geocaching Organization exists to promote the sport of geocaching within Southern New Jersey. We are a group of active geocachers who use the resources of the South Jersey Geocaching Organization to socialize with other members, work cooperatively with land managers on our members' behalf and to promote responsible geocaching in our area. We invite all geocachers living, actively caching or interested in geocaching in Southern New Jersey to join us (Membership is free!) This site provides a setting for members to provide information and interact with one another. To that end, we have full-featured forums, a private messaging system, online chat, a photo album, a calendar that any full member can access and add to, games, etc.

The running of SJG is a community effort. To this end, the administration of this site is a shared responsibility. Admin rights for this site have been assigned to several Coordinators so that running this site does not depend on any one individual.

Sub-committees or ad hoc committees are formed with volunteer members when necessary to carry out different tasks. SJG is extremely grateful to these individuals who work behind the scenes in conjunction with the Coordinators to get things accomplished.

The community of members at large are encouraged to host events, plan trips, write articles for the home page, and participate at whatever level they feel comfortable. SJG members have been given the opportunity to hold geocaching demonstrations for such great organizations as: the Boy/Girl Scouts, the Audubon Society, the Pinelands Preservation Alliance, Bass River State Forest, and school classrooms. SJG members have worked with the Nature Conservancy, Wharton State Forest rangers and other organizations to promote litter clean-ups (CITOs) and trail maintenance.

The idea that motivates SJG members is to have fun... here on this site and out in nature whether we are doing a clean up, group caching, hosting events, camping, or group paddling trips (canoeing/kayakking).

We hope you will consider joining us!

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