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Club News: Groundspeak inquiry

Groundspeak inquiry
Author: Mudwhore
Published: Thu, 16-Feb-2012
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Just want to relay a story to all of you. We got this message from Groundspeak: Dear Mr. and Mrs. Sallis, Groundspeak has received a complaint about your username mudwhore, which is not appropriate for our family-friendly web site. The username violates our Terms of Use Agreement. We would like for you to change your username to something family-friendly and appropriate for our site. Please provide us with a new username for the account within 48 hours so we can make that change, or it will be changed at Groundspeak's discretion. Thank you for your cooperation. We were very surprised since we have seen some other user names that we considered a little off color. We called Groundspeak and talked to a very nice gentleman who agreed that we should have to not change the name and received this: Hello Debbie & John, It is my understanding that you have discussed this username change with Bryan Roth. As per his request, we will not be enforcing a name change given the context of the name itself. I apologize if this has caused any aggravation on your end. Thank you for your time. WOOT- WOOT MUDWHORE LIVES ON!!! We are very appreciative that we can still keep our name and we truly hope that this does not offend anybody and if it does please know that Mudwhore is actually the name of our jeep that LOVES the mud. The Mudwhore~

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